Experience your space
from a different

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Experience your space from a different
perspective with SpaceCatcher and
Microsoft HoloLens.

Using HoloLens plus SpaceCatcher, you can create your first digital sculpture and share it as a video, picture or 3d model for use in design, spatial modeling and more. Use fewer triangles for faster upload to your OneDrive; use more triangles for higher resolution modeling.
Share it with your interior designer using SketchFab or place 3D model objects in the room yourself. Ideal for architects and interior designers but especially for people loving to play with augmented reality.


Main Features

Generate 3D model
of rooms

Generate digital sculptures
with object like people

Generate 3D model
of multilevel rooms

See miniature model
of rooms and
control the quality

Upload the model
to your OneDrive™

Share the 3D model
with your interior designer

Plan the size of machines
or other big object
you want to place
(coming soon)

Adjust model light
to the real light
situation (coming soon)

Load the model with
e.g. furnitures back
to your room and see
the mixed reality presentation
(coming soon)



How do I get the best scan results?

Move closer to the object but no closer than 80cm/2.5 feet away.. The sensors need a spacial spatial stereo perspective to an object. If you are too close closer, the perspective doesn’t allow the object to be seen in the proper way.

Which objects cause problems in scanning?

All highly reflective materials are a challenge for HoloLens sensors to scan. HoloLens works by taking a picture and is a snap of the time the light needs to go to an object an back. Therefore, a mirror is almost impossible to scan without errors. Similar problems will occur while scanning:


  • High gloss surfaces (metals, mirror, leather)
  • Glass
  • Wet surfaces

What does the number of triangles per square (TPSM) meter mean?

At the moment, this is not the exact number of triangles but the maximum number of triangles which can be used to represent the surface. At the moment, Microsoft HoloLens supports only three levels. The maximum level is 2000 TPSM.

If I’m scanning big area or another room, I don’t see the “space ball” anymore. How I can stop the scan or clone the mesh?

You can use the voice command: “come to me” to transfer the space ball to a place in front of you. Place the ball again with your head using the command “select”.

When I performed the ‘clone mesh’ action after the scan, one of the meshes appears to be inside the wall. What should I do?

If you select the space ball by gazing it and selecting it (by gesture or voice command), you can change the position of the ball and the scanned meshes that are connected to it.

If I try to save, a pop-up appears that says I need the OneDrive app. Why?

The app is using the integrated connection to OneDrive to save the object to the cloud. In order to make it work, you will need to install the OneDrive app. Because HoloLens needs a Microsoft Account to be configured, this account will be automatically used as your OneDrive.

We are not able to save to a root folder. Please select a subfolder in order to save the mesh to the OneDrive. You can choose any name for the filename.


How I scan a single object, like a person or another object?

Please clean the mesh before scanning the single object. Go to “Settings” -> Spaces and delete your current space. We are working on a direct way to remove the mesh.